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The Retirement Quality Mark (RQM) is an independent accreditation for at-retirement products. It has been developed by the Pension Quality Mark Limited (PQM).  Since 2009 the PQM been setting standards for pension schemes allowing consumers, trustees and other stakeholders to identify which employers are providing high quality DC pension schemes. The PQM has used this experience to bring the RQM to the market and to lead the industry in the development of standards for at-retirement products.

A product that receives the RQM has demonstrated, through a rigorous assessment process, that it goes beyond the statutory and regulatory minimums, and meets a set of standards that sets the product apart as being of high quality.  Consumers making at-retirement choices can be assured that the provider of an RQM accredited product has demonstrated that decision making is done in their best interests and that communication from the provider will be both appropriate and regular.

Product features- Provides value for money
- Permits transfers to alternative products
- Meets customer needs over the product lifetime
- Includes default investment options
Communication standardsClear point of sale information on:
- Charges
- Risks
- Actions
And further information and advice as required
Clear and regular communicationIncluding information on:
- Charges
- Factors affecting security
- Decisions for customer

To find out more about the RQM please view this presentation  by PQM MD Matthew Doyle.    

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